We promised to notify you when we retire the Rockmelt Browser. The date has been set for July 31st at 10am PT. After that point in time, you will no longer be able to log into the Rockmelt Browser. Please take a moment to migrate your App Edge into the new Rockmelt experience by clicking here

why this shit should happend? im seacrh ton of plugin or even extention will similar like the apps edge and friend edge like this for other browser it seems i dont found it. and i need to exporting to other browser of my bookmark. i hope all this is not true

This is about as retarded as you can get.  There’s no reason to do this other than to push their stupid app that no one is going to use.  If you need revenue, keep updating the damn browser and put ads at the new tab screen or something.


Phew! Big day for us. With all the news, we know you’ve got questions, especially if you are a Rockmelt desktop browser user. Luckily, we’ve got answers.

First, we still love you! All existing Rockmelt users are invited to try our new product–Rockmelt for Web. It’s a totally new way to…


I’ll miss you Rockmelt, making it a website just defeats the purpose of having it.  RIP the greatest browser ever made.